This program is dedicated to the fostering of Cambodia’s tourism industry future leaders!

Young energetic trainees join a 10 month program during which they will have advanced English classes, scrubbing through many hours of grammar to then put them to practice with our many guests!

In fact, our students have 2 hours of classes daily, while the rest of the day is spent on the field as part of our Guest House & Restaurant team. Eager to learn more about the hospitality industry, these students will learn beyond theoretical English, and go towards basic mathematics and computer skills as well as service skills that will be necessary for their success in the Hotel industry.

Motivated students join our program every year in order to join our partners at Sala Bai or EGBOK, two NGOs operating as hotel schools in Siem Reap. Other students will be looking to directly join the tourism industry, for example with Heritage Lines, a cruise company that has been working with us for many years now and regularly recruits directly from OBT!