September Newsletter

September was a quiet month at our guest house, but the locals have been working hard on our construction sites! Two buildings are near completion and the last one for 2018 is on its way!


Bamboo Town is coming!

With three new additions to our community, OBT is transforming itself into a small Bamboo Town. We’re looking forward to be able to add further architectural marvels to our collection for you to come and see!

Our first aid building is a few days away from being finished and will be fully operational early November, when our friends from Echange Solidarité will bring with them nurses and medical material for us to use!

On the other side of the village, our Plastic Project has welcomed its newly built storage unit. It will allow our workers and volunteers to prepare the plastic more efficiently, away from the rain, for it to be used on our recycled brick production. Looking forward to get that going and use our homemade construction material for new foundations on future buildings!

Last but not least, our guest house is being enhanced with a building for the housekeeping! We’ll be able to provide you with even more mattress’ and comfort during your stay at OBT!

Also, let’s not forget the hard work put on renovating the roof of our restaurant that has been heavily leaking during strong rainfalls!



Three new volunteers have joined us this month!

Marine & Marion have been reinforcing the plastic project, but also discussing and implementing new methods for our organic farming!

The ants are truly a tough adversary, just like David vs Goliath, except we’ll have to be smarter!

Francois has joined me in my 10 month mission here at OBT and we’ve been working together on developing new activities for your next stay at OBT!

Lots of surprises are in preparation, and you should most definitely come back here this dry season!



Ratana our world famous Ronaldo have been working on developing our handicraft. Handmade everyday ustensils carved out of coconuts for you to decorate your homes in authentic Khmer tradition!


Donations and Crowdfunding

Thank you all for your generous donations, you’ve been helping out a lot!

In this regard, we have big news. Former volunteers and friends have set up OBT international in Canada. Through this mean they’ve been able to arrange us a bank account over there allowing for you to give monthly donations! You can check it out here.

Also, our crowdfunding to take the kids to Angkor Wat has raised 945euros already! Thank you so much for your support. We have made it 2/3rd of the way there. A little more of your help and we’ll be able to take them on an incredible journey!

School trip to Angkor for kids in rural Cambodia


Thank you notes

Thank you again for keeping updated with OBT’s development and helping us out when we need you!

Special thanks to Mr. and Ms. Gregory and Caroline Eastwood as well as Inner Wheel Denmark for  generous donations and your support to our community.

Thank you!