What a sprint! Already we are in December. The last month has been a blast, welcoming the group from Echange Solidarité was most definitely the highlight! OBT has once again grown to become a bigger family! 😀

Echange Solidarité

We have to first and foremost give a big thank you to the 23 people from Echange Solidarite who came to Chiro earlier this month and worked hard for 2 weeks on our projects. Some gave a hand to build our new toilets for the school, others organised activities for the children, teaching them about the importance of hygiene and arts. Let’s not forget that they came here because they have financed our new first aid building that is now fully equipped and operational! 🙂


We also welcomed Fred at the beginning of the month, who’s been working hard to keeping the plastic project going as well as helping out on various construction project!

After 3 months, Marine & Marion sadly had to leave us, going on to new adventures with a lot of good memories. We wish them all the best! 😉

Areef has come straight from India to organise a small quilling workshop for two weeks with the children, they absolutely loved it!

Philippe and his friends from Germany have also come to set up a Kendama, a Japanese skill toy, project while Ana and Paula from Spain have greatly contributed to teaching chess to the children and teaching the youngsters the basics of English!


We equipped our plastic project with a new sandbox, a comfortable place for the little grains to rest in the sun while waiting to be used for our bricks!

The housekeeping building is near completion, the toilets just about ready to be functional and the other construction projects in OBT for the year 2017 have been completed! 😀

We have also equipped the riverside with a docking station for our partners on the Jayavarman cruiship!

Other projects

The bees are humming around our sunflower fields, preparing the yummy honey for the collect! The sunflowers however, have already granted us with a fresh load of seeds that we will use to make some sunflower oil!

Thank you

Thank you very much to all of you who have and still are supporting our project! We look forward to welcome you this season and to show you around our growing community.

Thank you to all who have supported our crowdfunding to take the children to Angkor Wat. You have been awesome and can still help all the way until the first of January at https://www.kukumiku.com/proyectos/school-trip-to-angkor-for-kids/

We would also like to take the time to thank National Geographics for once again supporting us on this journey! 🙂