July has been full of intense emotions ! Discover below what we were been up to this month.

Graduation ceremony at Sala Bai

July 20th was a big day for OBT as we were immensely proud to see 4 of our students graduate from our close partner Sala Bai ! Congratulations to Monita (front office), Srey Lim (restaurant), and Sinet and Rith (housekeeping) for their hard work, determination and ambition. Your life changed today, for the best.
Monita had the honor to represent her promotion of 108 students by giving a speech at the graduation ceremony. Some of them have already found a qualified job in luxury hospitality industry.
After the success in their studies, we wish them great success in their professional life ! You are the future generation able to make a change and improve Cambodia. Learn, earn, return.

Chiro under water

Since last week, the Mekong has busted its banks and is now flooding the surrounding areas. All the villagers are very busy taking everything they own to the first floor of their houses while the children are enjoying themselves playing in the water.

The road crossing Chiro Village is also flooded, preventing our students and teachers to come to school. OBT is now closed due to those unusual circumstances. But the water is now decreasing, which will allow us soon to reopen and operate as normal again !

Drinking water coming soon

A new step of our water project has started now in cooperation with “Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. Hamburg”, a German NGO. Called “Clean water for everyone – Chiro”, it aims at a sustainable and robust water supply system to help Chiro in becoming independent from external water deliveries and have their own stable running water system. This should prevent Chiro from facing water shortages as they have happened in dry seasons during the past.


Marine from France saw her mission with us arriving to an end. After 10 months of volunteering, she welcomed  2 weeks ago Tobias, new volunteer from France. We wish Tobias great success in his mission. Thank you both for your commitment !

Thank you for your generosity

We would like to thank for the bottom of our hearts Dale Atkins from Australia and her friends for their generous donation to help supporting children’s education. We hope to see you soon again in Chiro Village !

Bees to support Nature at OBT

At the instigation of Mr Ty, OBT has now built 5 beehives to welcome our new friends. They are around 6000 of them flying around the school to pollinate flowers and trees in Chiro Village !

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