Happy New Year!

And already we are in 2018! What a year it has been for us at OBT: many projects, many volunteers and a lot of happy children 😀


The year has come to an end, and so has the semester for the students! Slightly before Christmas they have all passed their final exams defining whether they will go up a class, stay in the same one or go down one level, for us to adjust the teaching for the next semester!


The end of the year allowed us to complete all our construction projects, and we are now fully equipped with a new housekeeping building and the First Aid centre!

Our plastic project is now fully running; thanks to Fred, Ted and Vat we have a brand new chimney that will allow a better fumes evacuation while making the bricks. Soon we’ll be able to start producing daily 🙂


The bees have given us their first honey, and boy it is delicious ! 5Kg of sweet and tasty honey on the first batch. We’ve now diversified the locations of where we keep the bees, in order to provide them with the best possible environment to pollenate and produce high quality organic honey!

The handicraft project has kept on growing, more and more orders are coming in and we are constantly looking for new products to create, from Lamps to home-decoration passing through kitchen utensils!

Let’s not forget the brillant chess championship organized by Paul and Frédéric from Chess Against Failure ( Echecs contre Echec) !


Sara has come back to Chiro just after Christmas! Together with her boyfriend Alvaro they have been expected impatiently by all the children. Working together with the team they are looking to help improve the functioning of the organization that is constantly growing!


Janelle, Ana, Paula and Philippe have left us, but are all looking to come back soon to the village for more projects.

Also Ralph, who has done a very insightful teacher’s workshop and set up a first discussion around the development of the water project has now gone home!

Thank you

It has been a very animated month! From all of us in Chiro, we wish you a happy new year and hope that 2018 will bring more good things to you and all the children of the village!

Thank you all for your support during these times, we’re looking forward to introduce you to the developments of OBT and happy, educated children 😉