August was a rainy month, starting off with the floods that transformed Chiro village into a small island. Our guests and volunteers travelling in and out on small embarkations organised by the locals, that unfortunately forced us to keep the school closed for a period of three weeks.

News from the Plastic recycling project

After the water went down, the construction has continued for our storage building. A well needed infrastructure that will allow us to store the corn used to fuel the fire melting together our sand and plastic. The latter of which we have collected loads, and is in need of a new place to be stored. The construction is expected to finish during September. We will welcome two volunteers soon, Marine and Marion, that will contribute to get the project going, and put their ideas together to make Chiro plastic free!


August saw many volunteers coming to Chiro. We had the pleasure to welcome Diego back after his short trip to Vietnam. Now already in Spain, he is organising a crowdfunding (link below) for the children to make a trip to Siem Reap. Thanks to your generosity, we have already been able to collect half of the 1500 dollars necessary for us to take about 40-50 of the children on a three-day trip. In case you were wondering, any additional funds will be used to finance the salaries of our teachers! 🙂


Marine, who has been volunteering at OBT for the past 10 months hasn’t now left us to go onto new adventures. We wish her good luck and hope to welcome her back in the future!

Blanca made her way back to Chiro, supported by Irene, Bea and Pau, the four girls have shaken up the children in Chiro village, equipping them with new clothes from Spain. The most heard question for the past two weeks has been “Where is Blanca?”.

With their energy, the girls have been able to buy, saw, polish, carve, paint and varnish brand new signs to illustrate our little resort. They will be missed this September, but the signs will leave another positive trace of their passage at OBT.


August has also brought Ana to us, who has been very supportive with the English teaching. In association with Carlota, they have both helped the kids improve their pronunciation and comprehension skills. At this pace, the kids will be able to practice a really good English soon!

Finally we were lucky to welcome Ulysse and his creativity. He’s been showing the kids how to do water colour painting and has redecorated some older furniture, making it fit well into our restaurant!

Last but not least, August has brought us Tony, who has been year the past year and greatly helped OBT with his finance skills. In a team with Rathana they have updated and improved our accounting system, making sure everything is in order!


The nursery is also underway! With help from the RATP, we have the opportunity to build a first aid centre that will be led by Rathana. Running around all day, it is not uncommon for the children to injure themselves. Medical costs being expensive around Cambodia, having a local place to heal small injuries and fevers will be an enormous asset to our community!

Thank You Notes

Many thanks to all the travellers and volunteers who have joined us the past months! OBT is transforming itself into a very sustainable community thanks to all of you for your help and support! We are looking to show you some more new things in September.

Stay tuned for our next Newsletter 😉