Happy New Year of the Roster! We wish you happiness, health and success in your projects! During one week, OBT organized celebrations for this very important time of the year: soccer tournaments with young and elder people together and traditional games such as hitting pots, climbing poles and pulling rope. Nobody escaped from the huge water fights..!



Chiro Village is now lit up during the night, thanks to 28 street lights installed by Johor Talent, a charity group from Malaysia. They spent 3 days at OBT installing 100% solar energy lights all around Chiro and OBT. It was also a great opportunity to exchange culture and experiences. We are incredibly grateful for their precious help and generous donation!



The running water has finally come back to Chiro Village! After several weeks of drought which caused our well dry up, we are glad to finally have water in the 190 houses of the village. Thanks to the great donation of Scenic Spirit, a boat cruise line supporting us for many years, we were able to buy the material we needed to dig a 1 km long trench from the water tower to the Mekong River and install pipes connected to a pump. Everyone is relieved ! We are now looking for support to build another filter for that Mekong water, in order to supply the village with clean water. This would cost around 500$.



Thanks to the generous donation of Phil Jordan from Scenic Spirit, this month we were able to flatten the ground of the football field, the school area and the entrance of OBT. Due to the heavy rain every rainy season, we face ground flooding, which prevents our students from using the full capacity of the school area.



  • We are now building a bamboo fence around OBT to secure the school area thanks to the donation of Johor Talent and the hard work of volunteers.