As part of our school, we place a lot of emphasis on developing the children’s culture and the nurture their interest in perpetuating traditions. Therefore we have, for many years now, our own music and dance class, which students join to learn traditional Khmer dances.

Dancing has always been very important in Khmer culture. Most of the population works hard in the farms, and dancing has been a way for them to share the stories of their days after work. They danced to tell about their work, their feelings and often their love stories as well 😉

As part of our dances we showcase the country-famous coconut dance, honouring the tradition of the coconut, a daily-life utensil for most families around here. Our stick dance, with wooden sticks traditionally used to beat the rice displays some fancy footwork from our students. But most importantly Chayam. A dance that was originally a village tradition that saw men competing for the hearts of the women by showing their skills with the Chayam drum. The one able to lift it above its chin would be the winner!

All these dances are naturally complemented by music. Our instruments a traditional instruments from around the country. The Takei, the Khem or Thro will be guiding the steps of our dancers to the rhythm of the Chayam drums!

Come and see for yourself one of our music performances in Chiro!