May came with the rainy season, turning landscapes green and offering an incredible playground to the children. The Mekong started rising, engulfing the beach and flooding the crops in front of our Bamboo Café.

The month of May was also the witness of the progress of our promising projects.


Many thanks for your generosity

Alice Waldner and the Danish Inner Wheel’s in Charlottenlund and Virum had the great generosity to donate a consequent amount of money this month to help OBT offering quality education to the children. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your precious support.


Recycling plastic project

Before leaving a few days ago, Robin and Charlotte, helped by locals, completed the first attempt of making bricks in the finished workshop. The walls, floor and fireplace were built this month, only remaining is the flue, to be completed before the start of the production. Allowing us to collect 30 kg of recyclable plastic per week through the 27 collecting points in Chiro Village, the recycling plastic project is going forward. Thank you Charlotte and Robin for your involvement during these 3 months.


Some of our students are now passionate about chess game, since Frederic Zaborski and his NGO “Chess against failure” taught them and provided us material in February 2016. Mr Ty, helped by Quentin, a volunteer from France, holds lessons and training sessions with more than 30 kids every afternoon. We believe this fabulous game benefits to children by developing the child’s abilities of learning, strategic thinking, analytical power, planning and decision-making.


Willis and Ashley, two guests from the USA, were astonished to discover that our students were rushing into the library right at its opening time every early afternoon. There, they can come whenever they feel like it, to read, learn and play. We provide them with more than 2000 Khmer and English books. As OBT is relying on volunteers to keep the library open and hold educational activities, our library is unfortunately not always open to our students. Thanks to Marion, a volunteer from France, April, May and June saw the library wide open and always filled with eager students.


Thanks to the donation of Johor Talent from Malaysia, whose team also set up street lights in Chiro Village last month, we were able to purchase enough bamboo to build a fence surrounding the OBT area. We are now able to provide our students with a clearer and safer school area for them to grow and learn in the best possible conditions.