This month we’ve had an important project in the village: since the water on the ground was not enough for the community due to the dry season, we urgently needed to take the water from the Mekong River through the installation of caves underground.

Thanks to the generous donation from Mr. Phil Jordan, from Scenic Spirit, we had the opportunity to start this project; on the 12th of March the whole community worked together (over 50 people) digging the ground and after only one day we had the pipes ready! Now we are working on the foundations which will be ready soon.


We also had a donation from three Spanish volunteers, Silvia, Didia and Blanca for a washing machine. This now allows us to save a lot of time, instead of washing all the blankets and linens by hands like you usually did.


Mekki and Caroline left OBT, leaving their place to Robin and Charlotte who will work on the plastic project. They had the chance to hold a conference in Cham village about the importance of collecting the rubbish in bins keeping the area clean and about how we can recycle plastic bags. They also organized activities in OBT involving the children in the project, showing them how they can make a difference.


Eva from USA helped with English lessons and office work as annual report for 2 months; Elena from Italy stayed with us helping with office work during this month; Paul and Geraldine from France and Guillaume and Jean-Philippe from Canada left OBT after a great job with us.