Organic and chicken Farms

In late 2016 OBT started a small organic farm that will work as trial grounds for growing organic fruits and vegetables. It is part of our efforts to build a safe environment and to raise awareness about pollution and environmental health hazards. The garden will provide fresh produce for the restaurant and utilize the kitchen waste for composting. If OBT can sell its production from the small field at a fair price, we hope that will generate interest among the villagers and convince some to engage in organic farming to boost their income.

The chicken farm project continues. We currently have two roosters, seven hens and nearly 50 chickens at various stages of development and are working hard to expand these numbers. At $4-5 per chicken this can be a significant source of income as there is an ample market for this product in the area. We are working to spark interest in this enterprise among our trainees and the local farmers as a way of supplementing their means.

What’s more, our sunflowers are popping out of the ground! This will be a fantastic opportunity to collect the seeds and produce our own Sunflower oil. Our goal is to diversity the vegetation around OBT. We are looking into planting Longan trees around the village, and many more!