Donate and become a Partner


With your help, OBT aims to provide free education to more students and in a more meaningful way. Contributions are always welcome and you can donate if you so desire.

Looking for a greater impact ? You can now donate monthly !

This makes our projects more secure in a long term perspective.


Student expenses

To give you a rough idea, the cost of a student at OBT school is over 80$ per year and sending one child to secondary school costs approximately 2$ per day. This includes all tuition, uniforms and required textbooks.

There are many parents in the villages who would like to send their children to secondary school but lack the financial resources. The last years have seen a growing confidence in OBT from donors, volunteers and most importantly the Chiro community.

We are grateful for all your contributions and thank you for believing in our project.


Know where your contributions go

Before you donate, we would like you to know how your donations are going to be used. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to specify how you would like your donations to be used.

You can also ask us to send you reports about how your donations have helped.


You can transform the life of a child

Do you want to make a difference? Here below examples of what we need:


ONE YEAR education to 1 child 169 $
ONE YEAR scholarship including school material, copy books, shoes and school bag 50 $
Public bathroom for the community 250 $
Computer 500 $

Because OBT provides a more solid education than the official state school, more and more children from Chiro community want to come to OBT and study during their free time. We need a $164 sponsorship for every child for ONE YEAR of all-inclusive education.

It included build 4 new furnished classrooms, hire 5 teachers and buy school materials. OBT had to refuse around 100 new students because of a lack of infrastructure, teachers, and materials.