Cambodia has a lot to offer to tourists and travelers. From North to South and from East to West, many diverse landscapes and cultural sites are waiting for you. You can go hiking in a rain forest or a giant bamboo jungle and find yourself walking on a floating village on a lake the next day. Cambodia also provides places to relax such as the southern paradisiac beaches of white sand, or chilled hidden spots along the Mekong river. Either ancestral or modern temples will take your breath away. All those wonderful places can be visited but also explored further by always choosing community-based options like staying in a Cambodian home stay, preferring NGO hospitality offers and mixing with local people.

It is also a country rich by its people, history and culture. The Cambodians’ smiling reputation is true but does not define them. They are ready to offer way more than that if you are looking to be in contact and take the time to meet them off the beaten tracks. Cambodia is a rural country, where most of the population are farmers and authentically live in villages. Exploring the countryside with locals has a lot to offer on both cultural and human aspects. We recommend to avoid big cities and touristy places to focus on community-based tourism projects like OBT. Travelling from one local place to another will allow you to gain real insights of the Khmer culture and also discover how people really live.


Why preferring responsible tourism in Cambodia?

Responsible tourism and community based projects in Cambodia allow Cambodia to create local jobs and self-enterprise, in addition to run the economy locally. It drives Cambodians to empower their own economy and gives them the chance to take part in their country’s development through local initiatives, rather than just witnessing their country being developed thanks to foreign investments.

Come to Cambodia to discover its inhabitants, and you will make real and authentic travel memories. Give yourself the opportunity to understand the culture and the history of Cambodia, beside locals. The only way to experience it is to mix with locals, seek their contact and share typical everyday moments with them. Your out-of-track adventure in Cambodia starts with meeting locals, which will probably be the best experience of your travel.

Live an authentic experience, help disadvantaged Cambodian children to access education and support a rural community by staying at OBT.

OBT is a community-based NGO providing free-of-charge education to disadvantaged children of Chiro Village. Located in the countryside near Kampong Cham (Province of Kampong Cham), we promote responsible tourism in Cambodia with our homestays and bungalows within the NGO’s area, implanted in the heart of Chiro Village. Travelers’ stays at OBT benefit directly the children and allow us to financially support the school welcoming more than 400 students. You will be get to live an authentic experience besides locals by sharing their meals and activities, while supporting the local economy.

How to responsibly travel in Cambodia?

Where to find these community based projects?

Finding community based projects and responsible travel places can be difficult because they do not have the same facilitated access to high exposure and visibility as hotels. The lack of technology access and skills is the main reason why it is hard to find them on the Internet. That is why we recommend reaching the place or region you would like to explore first and ask tuk-tuk drivers or restaurants about homestays and locals projects.

If you like to plan your trip beforehand, you may find some community based projects on travel forums on which people share their local experiences.