We currently have different ongoing construction projects here at OBT:


Bungalows, School or Toilets, we are constantly looking to improve our infrastructure by adding additional buildings to our community.
To make our project more sustainable we need further bungalows to sustain the demand of travellers eager to stay with us. The toilets at the school are also an essential part in improving the hygiene conditions in our village!

If you are interested in construction work, get in touch with us and inquire what we are currently building to get involved!


Clean well project

One of the most pressing issues facing rural villagers in Cambodia is the lack of clean drinking water. Currently, villagers and residents in remote areas drink from pools of standing water or from streams and canals. The water is contaminated with bacteria and polluted with waste. Sickness from dirty water impacts  the lives of the already poor people, by preventing adults from working and children from attending school. In extreme cases this dirty water leads to terminal illness.

Here at OBT we have already set up a water filtration system, which we are looking to update in order to make the water drinkable!

Willing to get involved? Contact us at obt.cambodia.volunteering@gmail.com