Thanks to numerous donations and the hard work of local employees, volunteers, and students, OBT finished building its bamboo restaurant in December 2016. Built as part of the pre-hospitality program, the restaurant provides the trainees with access to a hands-on training in kitchen management, cooking, and service. The restaurant is almost entirely managed by them.

The guests from OBT homestays and bungalows can now enjoy a meal or buy some of the displayed handicrafts (lamps, jewelry and everything our team members imagine really) at the restaurant. It is situated right next to our organic farm which uses its organic waste for compost. Moreover, the restaurant was entirely furnished by handcrafted bamboo furniture and lamps.

Since its opening, the restaurant is proving to be a meeting point for our training program and our community projects.

The restaurant’s description would not be complete without mentioning its beautiful location. During the rainy season the restaurant gives directly on the Mekong and during the dry season, it borders the little path that goes across the fields and to the wide sandy Mekong beach. If you drop in sometime between the two seasons you can get the best of both!



Tea (Regular, Jasmine or Green)  $0.75Black coffee   $1

Cappucino   $1

Cafe Latte    $1

Espresso   $1

Iced coffee   $1.25

Iced coffee Latte   $1.5

Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Samurai   $0.75

Smoothie (Mango, Banana, Dragon fruit, Apple, Mixed)   $2

Fresh Juices (Pineapple, Watermelon, Carrot)   $2

Orange juice   $2.5

Coconut juice   $1.5

Lime juice   $0.75

Beers can (Cambodia, Angkor)   $1

Angkor (33cl bottle)   $1.5

Angkor ( 1L bottle)   $2.5


Fresh Springs rolls (x3)     $2Pancakes (banana, pineapple or chocolate)   $2

Fruit Salad   $2

Khmer banana sweet with coconut milk    $2.5

Daily menu (Main dish & dessert)   $4

Continental Breakfast (Bread, Hash browns or home fries, Jam, Butter, Fruit & Black Coffee or Tea)   $3American Breakfast (Bread, Hash browns, 2 fried Eggs, Jam, Butter, Fruit, choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage & Black Coffee or Tea)   $4.5

Eggs Bacon Breakfast (Bread, 2 fried Eggs, Bacon &Black Coffee or Tea)   $3.5

Ham Bacon Breakfast (Bread, 2 fried Eggs, Ham, Bacon, Jam, Butter, Fruit & Black Coffee or Tea)   $4.5

English Breakfast (Bread, 2 fried Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Home fries or Hash Browns served with tomato ketchup & Black Coffee or Tea)   $4.5


Porridge rice with fish or pork   $2

Fried rice with vegetables and egg   $2

Fried yellow noodle with vegetables, chicken or pork   $3


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