What is OBT?

OBT is a Cambodian-run non-governmental organization (NGO) that is dedicated to the education and empowerment of the children living in Chiro Village. The organization was established in 2007 by Sophal Pot, OBT’s director, and has been registered as a local NGO by the Cambodian Ministry of Interior since 2009.

Our belief:

We believe that knowledge education are the best means to oppose poverty and corruption: OBT strives to provide free of charge education in a safe and nurtering envrironment to every child regardless of their background or financial means.

Most of the children who attend OBT come from farmer families with an income of 300 dollars a year –  less than a dollar a day for the whole family – so providing the children with a secure and educational centre is vital. We believe that education is our most powerful tool, for without it, instigating any kind of change is impossible.

Our ethics:

OBT aims to provide a safe and friendly environment where children can develop and learn in a healthy way. OBT is committed to ensure that the children are not exposed to abuse, exploitation, violence or neglect.

Our goal:

Our overarching goal is to become accredited as a state school. In this capacity we will serve all of our children’s education needs instead of only supplying extra support and extracurricular activities. We plan to hire a sufficient number of teachers to allow each child to get the individual attention they need. If the children have adequate support to learn the material as a group, extra classes will become unnecessary, thus making education equally accessible to all.  This goal will clearly require hiring a much more numerous staff of teachers and counselors and expanded infrastructure. We hope to expand our fundraising levels to meet this challenge.


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